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Guys, Take Care of Your Beards!

Take a look around you – beards are in! They are no longer for old daddies or grandpa. Many young men are growing beards and those blessed with thick facial hair are really rocking the fluff. I’ll admit that it wasn’t initially my thing, but the trend has grown on me. My appreciation grew on seeing the effort that some men take to groom and maintain their fluff. However with every trend there’s a deviant; that one miscreant who effortlessly tarnishes the look. He’s giving the hotties a hard time because somehow he stands out from the crowd with his dry flaky skin, and an ungroomed tuft that he calls a beard. Someone somewhere told him this was alpha-manly. He may be likening himself to a new age sexy Neanderthal. Well buddy, I’m here to say no. You are dishonoring your forefathers with that unsightly aberration. Please consider us all – groom that beard!

Dry Skin Is Not Sexy
Men, dry skin is not in any way appealing. The repulsiveness of dry skin increases ten-fold as it moves up the body. So dry feet – we’ll let it pass. Dry hands are creepy. But sir, a flaky dry face is downright repulsive. Whoever told you that moisturizing is only for women is a liar and you don’t need them in your life! Your nicely fluffed beard is easily outshadowed by surrounding dry skin. Not all moisturizers appear oily. There are several brands that promote soft supple skin while blending unnoticeably. Find one and use it DAILY!

Manly Moisture
I’m still on moisture, but now I’m speaking about the beard itself. Dry hair frizzes and tangles to appear much like dull steel wool. That girl that WAS eyeing you; well she’s now concerned that your beard may scratch her. Soft facial hair can easily be achieved by conditioner and moisturizer.  It is hair, so yes you can use hair conditioner.  Look for one that mentions “humecta” or “humecto” and/or speaks of deep conditioning – GO DEEP! Most of these deep conditioners will specify that it must remain in the hair for a few minutes before rinsing.

Moisture easily evaporates from the hair shaft, so you’re not done after that deep conditioner. This is where your moisturizer comes in.  Find one that’s silicone and paraben free – this isn’t difficult as many brands are now eliminating these chemicals from their mix. Products with shea butter tend to work well on black hair. Whilst you may only need to deep condition about once weekly, a moisturizer may be required a few times depending on your daily exposure to the elements. You’ll notice when your beard is drying out as it moves from feeling soft to rough.  

Now, you can take an added step with a bit of oil. Moisturizers should penetrate the hair shaft whilst oils will coat it. This coating slows the drying out of the moisturizer from the shaft. Great oils to use are coconut oil, castor oil and almond oil. No real need to go for a fancy branded one; grab a bottle from the supermarket or pharmacy.

Please remember that with moisturizer and oil, a little goes a very long way.

Comb it!
Do I need to elaborate on this? I feel like I don’t.

Trim That Thing
Ever heard the term “split end”?  This is when the hair fibre splits either at the end or multiple times along the shaft. This can be caused by harsh or drying products like soap or general lack of moisture. Beards with split ends will be frizzy with a few tangled strands and knots, as well it should be difficult to comb. You can examine the hair closely and easily identify whether you have a few split ends. These do nothing for your life and should be trimmed to keep the shaft healthy.

This should be obvious, but a recent convo with a neanderthal showed me that it’s not. You need to clean your beard bruv! And no, washing your face is not enough. Take the time to wash the beard separately, and NOT just with soap. I just mentioned about split ends and dryness, well these are more often caused by soap. Sodium laureth sulphate is one of the biggest culprits. A moisture shampoo sans parabens and silcones would work well. Even a mild baby wash is good to clean without sucking the life from the fluff.

Well there it is. You can take my advice and perhaps rival the bearded awesomeness of King Leonidas

Or, don’t and simply be awful – HA! I kid. Hope this helps guys!




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